There are many ways that those who are 'happy hookers'-handy with a crochet hook and some yarn or thread-can make things for the holidays. People crochet for Christmas in all sorts of ways; garments, accessories, decorations, and household items. Everything can be given the seasonal treatment with a bit of color and forethought.

Intricate tree decorations are a cinch to make when crochet is used. There are many patterns for crocheted angels, snowflakes, and other ornaments. These do not have to be complex. Many a wonderful looking item can be created just by variations on the simple granny square. These simple squares can be folded to create angel bodies and wings, or wrapped into cylinders to create torsos and limbs for other figures. When done in crochet thread on fine needles, the granny squares are decorative ornaments in and of themselves.

Tree skirts are easily crocheted, too. Again, these can be complicated and decorative shawls, or simple granny square creations. Different colors and stitch patterns can be used to add interest. Tree skirts that are made in this way can become heirloom objects, passed down from generation to generation to be used time and time again if they are stored correctly from year to year.

Casserole covers are another way that crochet can be used to brighten up the festive season. When attending 'pot luck' gatherings, or sharing a favorite dish with a loved one, crochet a casserole carrier to transport it. Seasonal themes or favorite colors can be employed in the work, creating something that is both useful and memorable.

Accessories are very popular during the winter, and patterns for crocheted hats, scarves, gloves, and even socks can be found in magazines and online. Even the most inexperienced person can create a nice scarf to give as a token of affection. Scarves are great projects for those who are just learning to crochet, and can be constructed using the simplest of stitches. For the more experienced crocheter, intricate lace patterns are a great way to show off the skills. Hats are easy to make too. Both beanies and the stocking-caps of yesteryear are worked in the round, using simple decrease stitches for shaping.

Around the home, even blankets take on a festive air, too. Patchwork throws depicting winter scenes are easily created with simple granny squares, and many patterns can be found on the internet using sites such as for inspiration. There are seasonal themes to be found for all skill levels, from simple rounds to complex poinsettia patterns. These can be used for coverlets, wall-hangings, lap blankets, doilies, and more. Even placemats and coasters might be created to brighten up the home, using seasonal ideas.

Another way to crochet for Christmas is to use crocheted embellishments on existing items. A sweatshirt can be jazzed up by adding crocheted appliqué pieces to it. An old sweater might be given a new lease of life with a pretty crocheted collar. Trim can be added to placemats; even dishtowels can be given the crochet treatment, by adding a crocheted top to them, turning them into finger-towels that can be hung onto cupboard handles and drawer knobs.

Yarn manufacturers often produce materials with a seasonal theme during the Christmas period. Look for worsted yarn in shades of red, green, and white with a metallic thread running through them. Crochet cottons might be found in all sorts of metallic variations, including gold and silver. These do not have to be purchased new, either. While department stores and online suppliers will have many items from which to choose, they can also be found in thrift stores and resale shops if savvy shoppers catch them at just the right time.

It's very easy and fun to crochet for Christmas. Even complete beginners can find instructional videos on YouTube and other sites in order to get them started. Asking a beloved friend or relative for instructions is also a lovely way to bond and create fond memories. From accessories to adornments, from hats to home decorating, there is something for everyone to either make or appreciate at this festive time of year.




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