I know it seems incredible, but there are actually trends in the types of Christmas ornaments people use to decorate their their Christmas tree.

In the not too distant past, there was little to choose from. As the heat of summer began to show guest appearances, so too did the old box of Christmas decorations make it out of storage. The same frayed and worn baubles and icicle drops with broken hooks and odd colours were used to add Christmas cheer to the tree. Of course as children, we loved it anyway.

But we see those same people come shopping in 2019 and see just how inspired and excited they are with the seeming endless possibilities!

Colour is one of the first things that moves through trends. Just as fashion has colours that are popular in certain years, so it is with Christmas. Many years ago, solid dark gold was the standout colour. Everyone wanted it - until they didn't. Then it was time for red to rise up everyone's "must have" list and for a few years everything red, or mixed with red, was a winner. More recently, lighter shades of gold have been the stand out success. Champagnes, golds, glittered, shiny, matt and patterned, a variety of gold shades has recently been gracing the Christmas trees of Australia. These are often blended with some white or pewter and silver to accent the golds. Pinks are also moving in from the hipster trends from the 1950's bringing even greater elegance.

But we can't leave it there without mentioning the glorious red, gold, and green mainstay Christmas colours. They serve everybody well, and really embody a traditional Christmas colour theme. As far as Christmas ornaments go, if unsure, stick with these.

Size has also been changing. Christmas decorations and ornaments used to be quite small, perhaps reflecting an older Australia where anything else was considered an extravagance and therefore to be frowned upon. But that has undergone such a change, and 80mm baubles on a Christmas tree combined with large poinsettia flowers are the new standard. Trees and homes have gotten bigger, and so have our decorations and ornaments!

There has also been a big change in the type of Christmas ornaments people use to decorate their Christmas Tree and home. In the past, there were only plastic baubles, and some beautiful hand-me-down decorations. Remember when we even made them ourselves from pasta! Now there are stunning decorated baubles that are so glass-like you can't tell. Additionally, the poinsettia pick has made an enormous splash in the Christmas ornament field, decorating everything from Christmas trees, to vases, table displays, and even place settings for Christmas lunch! They're so easy to use, and instantly load up your tree or display with colour and texture.

As well as tree ornaments, many people are branching out (excuse the pun) and decorating all around the home. Some people create a Christmas village scene with village ornaments. Others will use some beautiful Christmas ceramic ornaments on tables, hall tables, or even to lift a bathroom to seasonal splendour! 

There's so much to choose from in the Christmas ornament range that even if you're time-poor (and who isn't) you can still create a wonderland simply, and at great value.


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