When you are hosting outdoor gathering on the patio, beach, or at the park, there are many outdoor types of Christmas decorations to consider. There have to be hints of magic and whimsy provided by Christmas ornaments. Otherwise it is just another barbeque.

When decorating an outdoor environment one must take into consideration factors like environment and weather conditions. Portability is important if you are going to be heading out to the beach or camping. But the least you could do is bring some tinsel, tree ornaments and an inflatable Santa Claus to commemorate the occasion. Those who choose to stay home, have a wider range of light up options available to plug into a handy electrical socket. What we have compiled here are some of the best ways to decorate for Christmas while outdoors.

Fairy Lights

Christmas lights work well both indoors and outdoors. For outdoor purposes they make the greatest impression in the evening. The twinkling lights stand out brightly amid the dark of night. We recommend LED Christmas lights over the older models, as they shine brighter and last longer without going out. The more styles of fairy lights that you invest in and put up, the more people that there will be congregating in front of your home or office. Innovations in Christmas lights include icicle, rope, battery operated, specialised, battery operated, curtain, branch and stake, net and solar powered.

Christmas Trees

The Christmas tree is an important element of a yuletide celebration whether it is an artificial tree, a big pile of driftwood, or a native shrub. If you want people to know that it is the designated Christmas tree, you will have to dress it up with plenty of ornaments, tinsel, and lights. Some enjoy decorating the tree as part of their annual celebrations. They can get even more creative with unique options such as snow frosted Christmas trees or miniature table top trees. But if you have too much other stuff to do, consider a pre-decorated fibre optic tree. The baubles are light displays that change colours.

Nativity Scenes

Be the house on the block that reminds everyone what Christmas is all about with a Nativity Scene on the front lawn. Also known as a crèche, the Nativity Scene is a rendering of the birth of Jesus Christ. They generally include the Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the Three Wise Men, an assortment of animals, and sometimes a shepherd and an angel. Short of hiring a troupe of actors to stand in the front yard, a festive outdoor Christmas decoration is the next best thing. By keeping it simple with a one-piece inflatable unit, you can help prevent Baby Jesus theft in your neighborhood.

Light Displays

Christmas light displays are a fun way to incorporate scenery or characters into a selection of fairy lights. It is much easier to buy light-up stars, penguins, Christmas trees, nutcrackers, sign posts and season's greetings than it is to make them out of a spool of sturdy wire and ropes of fairy lights. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a Tinsel Fabric Santa in a Monoplane that glows in the dark. Depending on how many light displays that you are planning to put up this year, you may want to rent a generator to help offset all of the extra juice your property will be sucking out of the grid.

Santa's Helpers

Santa's sleigh and his reindeer remain a popular Christmas icon year after year. But there are many other friendly creatures that are known to help Santa in his workshop at the North Pole.  Popular choices for oversized novelty figures as Christmas décor could be reindeer, polar bears, penguins, snowmen and even dogs. There are a few ways to include Santa's helpers into a Christmas celebration, be they light displays, life size resin ornaments or inflatable decorations. Of course you should be sure to include a depiction of Santa. It may flatter him into leaving more gifts.


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