It can be very difficult to buy Christmas gifts for guys. For one, they don't seem to be very forward about saying what they want. For another, they are often hard to please, knowing just what they want; a variation on that theme simply won't cut it. Nothing says 'ran out of ideas' like pajama bottoms or a box of socks. However, there are things that are sure to be a hit, and won't break the bank; if a bit of deeper looking is done.

Hip flasks are making a return. If the guy likes a bit of a tipple now and again, what about getting him a flask to take with him? Hip flasks have been around for well over two-hundred years, first coming into vogue when gentry used them as a discreet way to carry their alcoholic beverages. Originally they were made of glass or silver, sometimes leather, but today most are stainless steel. They usually slightly curved, so as to fit neatly into the pocket. They provided a discreet way to carry alcohol into places that disapproved, or when it was not allowed, such as during the American prohibition. Some hip flasks today are plastic, so that they don't set off metal detectors. To personalize the gift, try making a custom cover for the plastic ones either from leather or needlework, or have the silver ones engraved with a sentiment or monogram. It is possible to get vinyl 'clings' to go on the stainless steel ones, too, with practically any saying desired.

Another great idea when it comes to Christmas gifts for guys is a solar crank radio. Sometimes these are marketed as 'weather radios.' They are ideal when in an area where power outages are common, or where electricity is hard by which to come; when camping for example. The idea of this is that the radio will charge from the sunlight. Failing the sunlight, there is a hand-crank which will charge it. Some also have flashlights built into them. The radio and the light are both useful for the man who likes to escape from it all; the camper, the hiker, or the canoeist, for example. Even for couch potatoes, this item is an interesting novelty idea.

The gift of a tree might be a great idea for the environmentally conscious. Many charitable organizations provide ideas where a gift can be given in someone's name. "The Arbor Day Foundation" offers many ways in which trees can be gifted. Small evergreens can be purchased to be planted, or the foundation itself will plant trees in the memory of a loved one, which may be great comfort to a guy who has lost someone close to him at this time of year. Their 'give a tree' cards make great gifts to remember male friends and colleagues during the holidays, too.

There's an old saying that they way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and this is well worth remembering over the holidays. Guys love to be spoiled, no matter what they say. Tempt him with some delights from his favorite cookery, or give him a gift card to his favorite restaurant. If he is a connoisseur of fine wines or vintage spirits, try to find something that is either his favorite, on his wish list, or something a bit unusual, but still in harmony with his tastes. Online shopping has made finding the more rare gift much easier than it used to be.  If he's a more simple, stay-at-home' kind of man, then perhaps a homemade gift of his favorite bread, cakes or cookies would be more appropriate. It's not hard to dress this up with a bit of ribbon to make it look festive indeed.

It doesn't have to be nerve-wracking to find appropriate Christmas gifts for guys. It just takes a bit of research, a bit of innovative thinking, and a bit of knowledge about what truly interests him. The time spent is well worth the outcome, and can make a favorable impression that will be remembered throughout the coming New Year.


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