May and June will be very different in Sydney in 2020 as the beloved Vivid Festival is off! Exactly. What a terrible thing and a huge disappointment to light-lovers all over the city and beyond.

Typically attracting crowds (totalling up to 2.3 million in 2017) it is Sydney's most iconic and most loved Winter festival. With light shows and art installations all over the city, you and your family can explore for hours amongst the interactive displays, the magnificent feature items, and watch the ever unfolding scenes projected onto the city's landmark buildings. The Opera House Sails are usually an endlessly unfolding story and can be viewed from so many wonderful locations around Sydney Harbour.

But 2020 is the year of the coronavirus Covid-19.

We're all stuck at home, doing the right thing to ensure our health system isn't overwhelmed, our health and emergency workers lives are not endangered, and those we love stay safe. All very noble, but oh so boring! How can we entertain ourselves and each other, and stay keep each other safe at the same time?

Well we put our heads together and have come up with something that light lovers and people only allowed out for exercise can still get involved with - COVIVID 2020! To make it snappier, we think COVIVID-20 works.

During May and June, and then of course for Christmas In July, we all now have a great excuse to get out the Christmas lights and make the most stunning outdoor or window based display we can! Everyone doing their daily walks, or walking the dogs for the eleventy eleventh time that day will now have your gorgeous display to excite them, making sure they always follow the route that leads by your house. One of the great things about this is for this one year only, we're not limited to Christmas themes - we can let our imaginations run wild. Multiple patterns? Great. Interesting shapes? Perfect. Unusual characters or ordinary household items all lit up? Perfect! (Think trampolines, basketball hoops, that old bike you've been meaning to sell on eBay - that kind of thing.) How about battery operated lights to make your weekly bin outing into a colourful extravaganza! That sounds impressive.

COVID-19 is so very last year. The place to be this year is at home attending COVIVID-20!

For many of us, 2020 is shaping up to be a truly, epically, awful year. There are many ways to feel down, and we all know how bad that feels and how bad for us it is. At least this time, we're all sharing the load and can all work together to bring some joy to our neighbourhoods by getting out there and bringing light to the darkness, hope to those who are down, and the magnificent community spirit of Christmas lovers everywhere.


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