Looking for that distinct, new and different lights for your indoor or outdoor rope light display? Neon flex rope light displays, with LED and SMD lights, will fit that need perfectly. Flex Neon signs are the next generation in LED and SMD lighting. With the LED and SMD bulbs illumination diffusing from the milky PVC tube, the LED and SMD light refracts to give a nice glow and that distinct Neon light look. 


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Putting LEDs (light-emitting diodes) and SMDs (surface mode diodes) in flexible PVC tubing to create linear lighting that wraps easily around any frame, Flex Neon lighting makes it easier than ever to have light silhouettes for your festive Christmas display. They will light up your Christmas world! The glow that emits gives a hypnotic type effect and serves to mesmerize all envious onlookers.

Christmas Warehouse your non-Christmas lighting needs covered as well. Neon Flex silhouettes are made with general themes as well for displays to use in your business. Make your establishment stand out to your competitors with using Flex Neon lighting in your shop front window or throughout your store. The glow emitted will help the gruen effect you have or help you build one in your retail store, coffee shop or bar. The glow will blend in well in the office, the light is not too harsh to be distracting but is smooth to compliment any office environment.

For any experienced Christmas display builder and you are looking to add that missing piece to your already Christmas rope light display, or you’re a novice just starting out, Christmas Flex Neon rope light displays will suit either situation. The smaller sized signs will fit in any exiting space, or a few will get you started building that display that kids or grandkids will love.

The Christmas Warehouse has everything in LED Flex Neon you need for Christmas!