Path Lights for outdoors are what metaphorically, and literally, make the season and your footpath or driveway bright and festive. From charming store fronts to our own front yards, twinkling lights are ready to greet us and help us see the wonder of the holiday season. While twinkling lights on the Christmas tree are a staple of Christmastime décor, your home can reach the next level of decorative charm with path lights from the Christmas Warehouse.


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Our colourful range of Christmas path lights will be the perfect festive illumination to light up your walkway and give a cheerful welcome to your guests as well as jolly old Santa himself! All lights are well crafted with quality assurance so that they not only arrive in good condition at your place but will also be a part of your celebrations year after year. Path lights are ideal for illuminating large areas like gardens, yards, pathways and borders. Each path light is built with a range of LED bulbs with special effects that produce a striking festive effect when lit bringing your outdoor area alive during the dark evenings. You can mix and match with our other path lights or connectable lights range to create a unique light display.

These attractive path lights can appear to be holiday accents in your yard during the daytime and come to life after dark illuminating the areas around your home. The ground stakes make these lights so quick and easy to use by simply pushing them firmly in the ground. Being solar panel operated, these are also energy-efficient, giving you the perfect environmentally friendly lighting option for your garden! Simply allow the sun to shine on the small black window that is affixed to the shaft of each stake and after the product utilises the natural sunlight for charging up during the daytime, it will provide lovely shine and twinkling all night long. Several of these would be great for pathway lighting to your front door, party or function and will be appreciated by the guests. You can even use them in a grouping around the front of your home to create a striking focal point or to line a patio with them this holiday season. Since path lights transform the garden area, adding a fun touch to borders or flower beds, they make wonderful gift items to present to loved ones who like decorating their home's exteriors or those who enjoy gardening. Motifs such as snowflakes, stars and pine trees are timeless and versatile enough for any season of the year. Hence, you can use many of our path lights all through the year as the versatile lighting equipment for any household space.

Path lights not only provide a warm, inviting seasonal glow during gloomy nights but also make the faces of your family and friends light up as they marvel at their bright light display. The lights come in warm white, cool white and multi-coloured light displays with different special effects to choose from the multi-function memory box. The LED bulbs use less energy than traditional bulbs and therefore last comparatively longer so you can use them for outdoor lighting year after year. The black solar panels and shafts are also easily disguised in the dark of the night so all you can see is the charming twinkling of the lights! You can never go wrong with our path lights and they will look gorgeous no matter where you mount them giving you instant festive illumination. They are also much easier to install than stringing lights around the garden which involves more time and energy.

Path lights, designed to run along the edge of any path, driveway or curbside, are a beautiful decorative accent for your home or business. You can place path lights in a vase, or use them in other decorative measures in your home. Many come equipped with artificial flowers and realistic features. Many of these branch lights are so beautiful that they can be used and displayed year round. Because they are durable, they are sure to withstand wear and tear. Other path lights include stick lights from the Christmas Warehouse are charming stick-like displays designed to beautify the home both indoors and out. The lights on these are sure to shine brightly and remind all who see them of the joys of the season. Some of the branch and stick light displays are made from LED lighting solutions. LED lights will use 95% less energy, helping both you and the environment. The LED lights are also proven to burn brighter, remain cooler to prevent hazards and last longer than traditional lights. Whichever path lights you seek, the Christmas Warehouse is sure to have a perfect fit. The Christmas Warehouse stocks Christmas décor for every taste and budget. Stock up today on all of your lighting needs.