Everyone loves looking at Christmas decorations but putting them up can sometimes be like a chore. If you're looking for a quick and effective Christmas decorating idea this year why not consider our great range of window decals and stickers?


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Window decals are die-cut Christmas images that are printed on tough electrostatic plastic. You just place them on your window, or any smooth surface, and they will stick tight without the need for adhesive. They can be easily removed, leave no residue and can be used again and again. There is a huge range of designs to choose from and each sheet contains a number of different images.

Window decals, or glass magnets as they are sometimes called, are a quick and easy way to brighten up your windows at work or home. You can create your own Christmas scene or create a frame within your window by the use of smaller festive decals. If you really want to take your Christmas spirit with you, consider putting some glass magnets on your car - just make sure they don't obstruct your view when driving.

Christmas stickers are a great way to add a little Christmas cheer to your stationary too. Sticking them on your home or office envelopes will send a message of goodwill. If you offer a Christmas wrapping service why not use a Christmas sticker to hold down the ribbon?

Adding window decals to your list of Christmas decorations this year will help you to create a quick and effective window decoration that will save you time and money.