Secure your holiday evergreen firmly in place with adjustable tree stands for any home and height.

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There’s nothing like spending a festive day with your family baking cookies, decorating the house, and going to pick out this year’s tree. The fresh holiday Christmas tree is a long - standing tradition that many families look forward to the most. Whether you’re chopping your own tree or visiting a pre - cut tree sale, the fun of choosing your tree includes hunting for the fullest boughs and the right height for your home.

Once you’ve selected the tree of your choice, it’s time to pack it up and load the tree onto your car. Despite all of the effort, it’s equally rewarding year after year to see your handpicked tree standing proudly in your living area. The smell of freshly cut Christmas tree brings with it an aura of festivity to spruce up your home space. After the tree is safely installed, you and your family get to enjoy your holiday activities between the warmth of the fire and glow of your lit Christmas tree. One important factor in guaranteeing all of this festive delight is a steady tree stand.

The most common tree stand design features a metallic tray with four elevated legs. Each leg contains a variegated rod, which when tightened from all sides can hold a tree trunk securely in place. The base of the cut tree is set vertically at the center of the watering tray while each of these tightening screws is adjusted to press firmly into the bark of the tree. The trunk should be sliced horizontally as cleanly as possible so that its rings will sit flatly against the bottom of the watering tray.

Once all screws are tightened, the tree stands elegantly upright on its own as if it were still planted in the woods. The low, wide - set legs help stabilize even the largest tree so that your friends and family can feel safe on Christmas day as they sit beneath the tree to open their presents. This festive natural touch has become the primary design opportunity of the Christmas season, and carries with it a number of joyful traditions and practices.

The easy - to - fill reservoir at the base of the tree stand allows you to prolong the life of your cut tree by keeping a full tray of water. Making sure your tree is well watered will reduce needle loss and help to preserve the festive green hue of your Christmas tree. Most tree stand designs make it easy to reach beneath the lowest branches and add fresh water to the wide base tray. You may be surprised at how quickly your freshly cut evergreen absorbs water, as your tree may require a steady intake of hydration to maintain its holiday appearance. Make sure that the base of your tree has at least 5 cm of water at all times to avoid drying.

Depending on how you plan to style the base of your tree, the Christmas tree stand can be simple or finished with holiday details. Some enjoy the polished look of a tree skirt, and may add this layer of Christmas decoration over the stand once the tree is installed. With tree skirts, the stand is often hidden and therefore your tree stand may not need to look fancy. The tree skirt not only covers the cut base of your tree, but it also provides a clean, dry, unified surface on which to place and arrange your stacks of holiday gifts.

If you prefer to skip the tree skirt, you can save time and money by opting for a festive - looking stand that elevates the tree and adds to the traditional colour scheme of the holidays. Either way, your plant stand helps set the stage for the most personal and exciting attribute of Christmas decorating: the family tree. When your holiday masterpiece is finished with lights, ornaments, and bows, you can rest assured knowing that your tree stand will help preserve what you’ve created straight through until New Year’s.