Add large décor to your oversized Christmas tree or outdoor lawns for a magical jumbo Christmas display. Create your very own holiday wonderland to delight neighbours, families, and friends.


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There are few things more magical than a fully - decorate Christmas tree, except of course a jumbo - sized Christmas tree! Whether you’re buying a large evergreen for your home or decorating your business or workplace, this charming selection of large display decorations will help you create the perfect collection of display decorations. Pair with lights and a fabulous giant tree topper for the full holiday effect. If you don’t have space for a giant tree, large display decorations can also be installed along outdoor fence posts, gates, entryways, or outdoor foliage. Decorate your bushes or natural outdoor trees with giant ornaments to add a quick touch of magic and whimsy to your seasonal lawn décor.

If you’re a business owner or employee in charge of planning the yearly office decorations, delight your co - workers with this selection of elegant and festive large display decorations. From classic baubles to glittery candy canes and lollies, each one of these extra large holiday ornaments is sure to be an instant favourite. After your tree is installed, get out the ladder and begin placing your jumbo ornaments in any way you like. Buy multiple copies of the same item, or mix and match ornaments with similar colour palettes to create your own handpicked assortment to suit the needs of your office or workspace. Hang jumbo ornaments in your workplace windows for an extra dose of holiday delight.

If you’re looking to dazzle friends and colleagues at your next holiday party, install a giant tree in your entryway, living room, or foyer and decorate with larger - than - life items. Large evergreens look especially dazzling in a room with tall ceilings and plenty of floor - to - ceiling windows. Decorating large trees with jumbo display ornaments helps save time and creates a mystical effect for the viewer. Extra - large tree and ornament displays are also well suited to life - sized holiday displays, such as ride - on trains, replicas of Santa’s workshop, or a live seating of the big man himself. Plan an extravagant Christmas wonderland in your home or rented party space to give your friends and family an event to rave about for the rest of the winter.

For office spaces, malls, and retail stores, the large display Christmas tree is a perfect way to entice customers and keep spirits high during the cold winter days. Delight your colleagues, and encourage the whole office to participate in hanging the yearly decorations. Instead of sitting through another pointless staff meeting, spend quality time with your work family by involving everyone in the office decoration process. Whether your workplace has invested in a faux - fir or real evergreen, co - workers will love sprucing up the office and participating in the process of spreading holiday cheer. If you work in a customer - facing retail setting, adding a charming jumbo tree display can help boost sales as potential buyers enter your space to admire your elegant larger - than - life Christmas tree. By enticing viewers, you’ll boost seasonal excitement while getting customers interested in your business.

If you’re in charge of decorating the annual tree for Santa’s visit for the mall, outdoor park, or photo booth, you may need to replace some of last years old or out - dated décor items. Between storage and customer accidents, your annual selection of jumbo display decorations may be severely depleted and in need of a few sparkly replacements. Re - design your annual tree and keep viewers guessing by adding a new candy - themed selection of ornaments, or multiple elegant bows to drape and accentuate the full boughs of the tree. If you’re decorating a display tree for a meet - up Santa event, you’ll want your tree to be photo - perfect. What better way to prepare the perfectly composed jumbo display than with a selection of coordinated ornaments? Enjoy the larger - than - life magic of the season by decorating your tall tree displays with a delightful selection of our favourite seasonal ornaments.