The Christmas Warehouse imports 99% of what it sells. That's an amazing number, and really makes us unique amongst Christmas shops in Australia.

There are so many places with the same items, repeated in every store you go to. Why is that? Because most Christmas shops buy their stock through wholesalers. So most of what you see in other stores is filtered through very few importers, resulting in the same things everywhere. That's not exactly how to make your Christmas unique!

What's more, those stores also have to pay the importer - the "middle man." That can add between 20% to 30% on top of the price things cost - and that's money you're paying. After all, the importer has to make their profit, as does the retailer. Once everyone takes their amount, the price really does get bumped up.

So how do they compete on price? It's a reasonable question and really has to do with how things are made. There are so many variations on what can be done in terms of manufacturing: the easiest way to reduce the cost of items is to reduce the quality. That's either done obviously with cheap looking items, or in a more hidden way, like reducing the thickness of the copper wire in string lights for example. Yes! That's really done. What's the result? Your lights easily break as the cheap wire cracks inside the case, or your decorations look cheap even though they weren't. There are so many instances that we see items that seem to be at a competitive price, but are in fact way more than they should be.

The Christmas Warehouse is very different, buying directly from more than 40 manufacturers and importing directly to our own warehouse in Sydney, we bypass many expenses. We visit 14 cities, travel thousands of kilometres, and stay in many hotels! It's a process that takes years to establish, and relies on solid relationships and an intimate understanding of our customers. Because that's the whole point - to make sure what we sell are items that you want! It's driven by you. 

If you buy from The Christmas Warehouse you are buying directly from the importer.

Not only do we have the chance to order things that we know are popular with our customers, but we get to decide the quality as well! We make a huge effort with multiple trips, samples, and take every opportunity to make sure what is made for our customers is exactly what you want! We design many of our items, choosing colours, methods of application, size, and materials. It's a laborious process that we absolutely love.

Our range is further complicated as our customers are from all over the world, and so there are many different Christmas decorating traditions to cater for. On top of that, it's summer! So our outdoor decorating is a huge component of what we do, as is the need to have the right colours and designs to work on our climate, and in the bright Australian light.

Right now, in early September 2017, one of our buyers is already in the Shanghai region of China for the first meetings to determine parts of the range for Christmas 2018 - that's how much work goes into this! Our first pop up store hasn't yet opened, and our range selection for 2018 is already underway.

This Christmas, shop with the one who imports directly - The Christmas Warehouse. Be assured of top quality at a competitive price, with the extra bonus of unique and appropriate designs!


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