One of the most exciting aspects of the holiday season is doing Christmas crafts and activities, and you'll find several enjoyable options at Christmas Warehouse. They’re great for kids and adults, are available at a range of price points, and they appeal to many interests. You’ll also love how they give your family the opportunity to slow down during the busy holiday rush and spend time together. There's also the added benefit that completed projects could make excellent holiday decorations or Christmas gifts.

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For those interested in Christmas crafts and activities that are a toy, decoration, and gift all in one, Nanoblocks could make an ideal option. The toys are a perfect way to stay occupied and entertained for a period of time while being captivated by the construction and bright colours, and they’re available in a variety of designs, making it easy to decorate with them once completed.

Charming interactive toys add more joy to the playtime experience. Decorated with Christmas colours from head-to-toe, these toys have parts you can easily manoeuvre and position. Afterwards, display the toys as decorations, such as by putting them on a wreath, sitting them on a counter, or placing them beside candy bowls.

When you’re looking for Christmas crafts and activities, art projects should be big contenders for how to stay entertained for hours, and they’re just as fun to do as they are to give as gifts. For example, consider using the pages of colouring books to create greeting cards; just glue individual pages to the outside of folded cardstock, trim to size, and you have a custom card to send in the mail or attach to the outside of a gift box. Other drawings and coloured-in pages would make lovely framed decorations for the holidays.

Don’t forget about activity kits and sets! Consisting of a hodgepodge of items, each kit or set brings on the amusement with items that may include stickers, markers, or paint, depending on the item you choose. You’ll love how easy it is to get engrossed in the projects and end up with something beautiful. They also make great gifts for creative types who appreciate staying busy with Christmas crafts and activities by themselves or as something to do with their favourite loved ones.

They start out small, but within days of adding water, delightful grow-your-own toys depict some of the most notable and popular Christmas figures at a larger size. It’s amusing to check in on them while you’re waiting for them to grow to see how far they’ve come along. The best part is that you're able to continue to watch them repeatedly grow and shrink back. With multiple designs available, you can display them in pairs, a grouping, or individually for Christmas cheer in various spots around your home.

Portable toy projectors can be part of a Christmas activity that adds the captivating glow of lights and holiday images to evening hours. It’s like carrying gorgeous Christmas art with you wherever you go with the added bonus of a torch lighting the way through the dark. Whether you use it indoors or out, the images will look beautiful on any flat surface.

At Christmas Warehouse, we know what it takes to make the holidays extra special, but so do you! When you’re considering which Christmas crafts and activities are best to purchase for yourself or your family and friends, think about which ones are going to have the biggest impact on those who are going to be using them and which are likely to get the most use. Our wide selection ensures there are plenty of options to choose from for everyone on your holiday “nice” list.

Browse the Christmas crafts and activities at Christmas Warehouse to see which items would be fantastic for your home or to give as gifts. We look forward to being a part of the exciting entertainment that comes with the holiday season.