We have some loyal customers. I mean, there are people who come into our stores and know more about the history of our range than even we do! (You know who you are...)

That tells me something - that we have customers who care, customers who are loyal, and customers who respect us. As a business, we know how lucky we are to have that, and we're very proud of our ability to continually innovate to grow alongside you.

As buyer, it's my job to select a range that magnificently supports what you're doing for Christmas, without breaking the bank. And I love it!

I'm sure you noticed in 2015 that we achieved a change towards the introduction of themes in our range. Why did we do that? 

Well now, when shopping at Christmas Warehouse, you know that you can get entire ranges that match your decor. Entire ranges that compliment your style, or an entire range that sets you totally apart! No more mis-matched bits and pieces, no more loving one item but having to leave it behind because it doesn't go with anything.

One of my favourites from last year was the Red/White/Silver range. it's just spectacular! From fairy lights to rope lights, there was a whole world to choose from. 

At the same time, a more sophisticated Christmas decoration range was presented to you. And you loved it!

So what's in store for Christmas 2016? That I can't yet tell you, but I can tell you that come mid September, you'll be able to see the whole Christmas 2016 decorations range from Christmas Warehouse either online, or at one of our stores. (A a little secret - Castle hill is the first to be fitted out - be there right at the end of August and you may just get a sneak peak!)

(I might see you there!)


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