Whether it's projecting light on your entire house, garden or yard, at Christmas Warehouse you are certain to find the best lighting ideas to welcome the holidays! If you are looking for outdoor lighting then choose from our laser lights to create a magical outdoor setting that is straight out of a winter wonderland. Christmas laser lights are a quick and easy way to dress up your entire space to make it more exciting and welcoming. Our popular laser lights are easier to set up than the string lights, especially when decorating the top portion of the house - like the roof. They will make your home shine bright this festive season by transforming it from dark to magnificent in just seconds! Each Christmas laser light projects different images like falling snow, Santa and Reindeer, among other patterns across walls and ceilings alike. Laser lighting is a fantastic option for a small home too especially if you don't want to spend time or energy putting up lights for just a few weeks. Every laser projector brings a mesmerizing and enlightening touch to any home by simply blending in with the outdoor lights, making the front of your house look so Christmassy! These will look great on the garage door too!

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Our range of spectacular laser lights will bring the stunning, sparkling brilliance of Christmas to your home and the delightful displays will leave your neighbours and visitors mesmerised. These laser lights are also very fascinating to little children and a great way to keep them entertained during the busiest time of the year! Each laser light projector comes with different patterns, changeable, animated images or cosmic prints and with more than 1000 light points in dot setting. There are multiple mode combinations available with each laser light so that you can choose the flash speed or colour whether only red, green or a combination of both!

Additionally, some even have remote control operation included which offers timer modes to let users control their lighting experience with features such as static, twinkle, fade, pulse, and single colour. Using the remote control (battery not included) you can opt for different speed and time settings, giving you full control to create your own versatile light display this year. Being waterproof with an adjustable angle, the durable laser stands are suitable for both outdoor use and indoor use. The low voltage adapter in the projector uses less power giving you greater energy savings over standard super bright lights.

 Not only are laser lights more energy-efficient than conventional string lights, but their stands are also easy to set up and will showcase your home in a wonderful Christmas atmosphere! The added benefits of 2.5m lead cord and built-in 2hr, 4hr, 6hr and 8hr timer provides stress-free installation as it eliminates the use of extension cords. Not just for Christmas, you and your family can enjoy these magical light displays throughout the year whether on Halloween or New Year. Laser lights are a superb addition to parties, celebrations and small-scale events. Once set up, they really looked good shining on the patio sliders or simply place the laser lights pointing to the ground from higher spots like windows, trees or decks to light up your entire garden or yard like a magical wonderland! The variety of effects give off a lot of visible interest for everyone to enjoy and the sale prices are a steal! Weather-resistant and energy-efficient, laser lights are the ideal instant display lights that can be used creatively for landscapes, walls, trees, bushes, and much more.