Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, when the world glows with magical lights for weeks, people get to relax and enjoy the beauty of family once more in the cosy winter weather. Usually celebrated on the 25th of December by over 160 countries in the world, peculiar to Christians, who celebrate the birth of their Lord Jesus Christ, but still accepted by various people of the world and celebrated in different ways.

Knowing some weird and wonderful Christmas traditions is sure to put you in the festive spirit and one thing is certain, during this period the world at large glitters with colours of green, red, gold and even white, Christmas trees furnished with gorgeous ornaments. Hopefully, this catches your fancy in understanding the Christmas traditions.

For some people around the world there's no Christmas without lights, trees, mistletoe, gifts and the dinners.

In Hawaii, most of their pines and trees are imported before Christmas from the USA and arrives on the Xmas Tree Ship. Therefore, people have fun decorating palm trees in splendid fashion using various ornaments and lights. While the children have a chance to ride a sea Santa sleigh, made with an outrigger canoes and dolphins as the reindeers. The festivity in Hawaii is not complete without a family or community luau consisting of tasty chicken and toasted pig, along with the traditional Hawaii Christmas leis and wonderful colours.

Japan has been known not to make a big deal of Christmas over the years but in recent times things have changed with a new Christmas tradition emerging. This tradition involves a Christmas meal of Kentucky Fried Chicken. KFC Japan brings out a special Christmas menu which families treat themselves to for Christmas, taking pictures and having a lovely family time.

For some children in Austria, Christmas can seem a bit like Halloween, for at the beginning of December, young boys dress up like Krampus, an ugly horned beast, known as St. Nicholas' evil accomplice. They go around the streets terrifying children who have been naughty while the good ones are rewarded by not being terrified.

In Caracas, Venezuela, the weird Christmas world tradition of this region is going to church early morning on Christmas Eve on roller skates, to the extent that their roads are closed to cars for that period, this definitely is fun for the whole family. After which they go back home to enjoy a local dinner of a wrap dish made out of cornmeal dough, stuffed with meats and steamed, known as tamales.

Another weird Christmas tradition occurs in Norway which dates back in time when there was a belief that witches came out on Christmas Eve in search of brooms to ride. Therefore, Norwegians hide their brooms safely away on this day to prevent it being used by witches.

In the capital of the United States of America, the celebration is made a National occasion, celebrating the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. Dating back to 1979, this tradition involves the lighting of a giant 9-metre candle stand called Menorah on the grounds of the White House for the 8 days of the ceremony, accompanied with speeches, music and fun activities for children.

One very fun and sacred tradition takes place in Colombia, in honour of the Virgin Mary and her immaculate conception, where people place little candles and paper lanterns in their balconies, windows and frontyards. This is known as the Little Candle's Day (Día de las Velitas) and has grown so much that neighbourhoods now compete for who can best produce a more splendid arrangement of candles.

The best day of the year, celebrated all over the world, as seen is carried out in different ways and traditions peculiar to various regions, but one thing that remains is that Christmas is the most loved season of the year and brings about a magical glow of the world, whether with fireworks, lights, ornaments or even Christmas leis. Everyone loves Christmas and i hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Remember you can always create your own Christmas world tradition and who knows we might just be writing about it in the nearest future.


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