A nativity scene is one of the more essential components of Christmas decorations, especially for the devoted that would like to commemorate the birth of Christ during the holidays. This event is why Christmas is a season to celebrate; to decorate the home in order to spread cheer to all those that would enter it.

But what particular decorations would work well with a nativity scene in the first place? Here are a few recommendations to make your nativity scene stand out as an excellent centrepiece for your Christmas decorations:

Brightly Lit Star Ornaments

Lights like a multi-colour flashing star and an eight-point multi-colour star are some of the best ornaments you can hang just above a nativity scene. Not only is the star itself a colourful addition to your decorations, but is also representative of the stars that guided the magi to the infant Jesus. This symbolism coupled with the attractive colour patterns make these lights a definite must-have if you want your nativity scene to be highlighted well. Do note that the aforementioned star ornaments are quite large and are meant for larger nativity scenes. If you have a nativity scene that doesn't quite match the scale of these lights, then a smaller star ornament would be a more appropriate match.


Large, brightly coloured candles are an excellent addition to a nativity scene. The low burning flames of a few candles adds a touch of solemnity to the whole scene, which is in itself an attractive addition. Just make sure, however, to be very careful where you place the candles. The last thing you want to do is to have loose leaves or bits of plastic catch fire, so it is best that you place these candles in their own containers and a ways from any flammable materials. A few small, low-lying tea lights nestled in a small bowl of water would work nicely for this purpose.


A few decorative angles like a Red and Gold Winged Angel and a Cream and Gold Winged Angel are the perfect matches for a nativity scene. The beautiful and mesmerizing grandeur of these angels is a fine contrast to the humble roots of the nativity scene; blending the two opposites perfectly together. They even hold a strong symbolic value as angels announced the birth of Christ. Set a few of these angels up beside the scene or hang them up above the scene to make the most out of them!

Animal Ornaments

Christ was born among a whole host of animals, so a few animal ornaments will definitely work well with a nativity scene. Take for example a Silver Sequin Birds and Silver Glittered Butterflies. These particular pieces add a little sparkle to the whole scene, which works especially well when light bounces off the shiny bits and spreads all over the area. You could even create a miniature manger of animals to make your nativity scene even more true to its roots.

Musical Ornaments

Pieces like a Wind-Up Musical Tree and Train are not directly related to the nativity, but they help add a little cheer to make the scene more attractive and cheerful. Christmas decorations and ornaments creating music to the tune of popular carols can help brighten the mood - an especially useful addition when the festivities of Christmas come rolling around the corner. It also helps to sit around the scene as a family while the children enjoy winding up and listening to the musical ornaments.

Table Top Christmas Trees

Creating a miniature forest with a few table top Christmas trees is a great way to enhance the appeal of a nativity scene. Take for example a Faux Balsam Pines and Faux Noble Firs. Four of these simple Christmas decorations can help add a very nice touch of green to the whole nativity scene; making it look more natural and organic in the process. You can even use these trees to mount other decorations like the animals and the lights around the scene; minimizing clutter while still being able to add more decorations to the whole piece.

Keep all these tips in mind and you'll be able to greatly enhance the appeal of a nativity scene with the right Christmas decorations!





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