Christmas decorations being put up on porches, rafters and front lawns are a sure sign that people are preparing to celebrate the yuletide season. The various hues of red, gold, green, white and silver can make all the difference in the anticipation for the big day.

There are, however, quite a few things you need to keep in mind when setting up outdoor decorations. Here are a few tips to help make installing those Christmas decorations an easier, safer and less troublesome task:

Check if your decorations are rated for outdoor use

One of the first things you need to do is to check the label of the items you have on hand and see if they are fit for outdoor use. Some items are made from materials that fade or even melt when exposed to the rays of the sun, while certain electronic decorations are vulnerable to moisture from dew, snow or rain. An item rated for outdoor use will be able to better withstand these environmental factors, so double-check to be certain.

Protect the electrical connections

If you have a set of electronic Christmas decorations in hand, always make sure to protect the plugs and outlets. This is especially important when you live in the more humid or frosty parts of the continent, as water has a nasty habit of getting into places it shouldn't. Make sure all connections are indoors or at the very least on a shaded and elevated surface where water can't pool around the connection.

Put some space between centrepiece items

A large Santa statue or animated light display make for great centrepiece items, but putting them too close to each other clutters up your front lawn and takes away their uniqueness. Limit the number of large centrepiece items on your front lawn to two or three and position them a few metres apart from each other. This will prevent them from jostling each other for attention and will allow them to truly stand out.

Highlight your centrepiece items

A few items like light displays are bright enough to draw attention to themselves, but other decorations need a little extra light to beautify them during the night. Light ropes and stake lights are great Christmas decorations by themselves, but they'll do wonders when they illuminate other larger decorations on your front lawn. Just remember to position them in such a way that they direct their lights towards the larger centrepiece items.

Sprinkle a little artificial snow

Little tufts of artificial snow, whether made from cotton or Styrofoam, can help add a touch of white Christmas to your home during the summer months - especially if you live in the warmer parts of Australia. This goes especially well with winter-themed decorations like snowmen or faux ice statues. Secure the artificial snow to the ground, though, as a gust of wind may carry parts of it away.

Decorate the plants on your lawn and garden

If you have a few trees or shrubs on your front lawn or your garden, then you can decorate them to create your own Christmas trees with but a few bits and baubles. Even a low-lying shrub can look absolutely gorgeous when it is properly decked out. You could even turn this into a yearly event with your family, much like how other families decorate a Christmas tree. Just don't forget to avoid overdecorating your garden or lawn to the point where it starts to look cluttered.

Hang up a few lights on your overhangs

A few rope lights can do wonders in adding cheer to your home during the yuletide season. You could pick out simple white light displays or flashy multicolour LED displays depending on your personal preferences. Anything works, especially during the holiday season where beautiful displays of colour help bring out the festive season in all. Just remember the aforementioned tip about handling electrical connections and you'll do just fine.

Mix and match unique Christmas decorations

Hanging up the decorations in the very same manner can get stale and boring if you have nothing new to put up. Even simply adding a few pieces like bits and baubles can breathe some life to your lawn's decorations - especially when you rearrange your decorations to form new and exciting themes. Experiment and don't be afraid to try new things out. After all, decorating is already half the fun of the Christmas experience!


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