The holiday season calls for festive decorations, colourful lights, and merry Christmas carols. We all want our homes to look bright and cheerful in time for Christmas. Of course, there's the staple Christmas tree. However, if you want your d�cor to be more interesting, you may want to add fun Christmas decorations that you can hang in key areas of your house.

Here are ten fun Christmas decorations you can hang everywhere to make the surroundings more joyous.

1. Garlands

Garlands are one of the most popular Christmas must-haves. Sure, there's the giant tree, but garlands seem to enhance the greenery which complements other Christmas colours like red, silver, white, and gold. Garlands come in different textures, thickness, and densities. You can mix and match or use one specific thickness. It actually does not matter. You can hang garlands by the window and practically any part of the house.

2. Hollies

Hollies are a classic holiday symbol and are something that adds colour to any room. Hollies come in different sizes and you can hang them as is, or place them in a wreath. The vibrant red and green combination that holly is famous for will always be a part of Christmas.

3. Holiday door signs

Charming colourful holiday signs that say "Merry Christmas" and "Season's Greetings" are very popular as well. Clich� as they may seem, they still do the trick. These signs come in different designs, sizes, and shapes so each piece is practically unique.

4. Christmas mobiles and lanterns.

Bright and sparkly holiday mobiles that feature different Christmas symbols like the snowflake are also a hit every Christmas season. They move a lot and are very eye-catching so they add some sparkle to your evening when you hang them. The more traditional form of mobile is the holiday Christmas lantern. Lanterns are very popular and are a classic.

5. Wreaths

Traditional Christmas decors like wreaths never go out of style. There are store bought wreaths that can be hanged readily, or you can make your own. Like most Christmas decorations, they come in different sizes too. They add charm to any home and can be used over and over.

6. Santa's stockings

What would a Christmas be without Santa's socks? This is a popular item, especially if you have kids at home. Traditionally, the colours of Santa's stockings are red, black, and white. Now, they come in different variations and designs. You can hang uniform sizes of Santa's stockings at home, by the door, and wherever you think Santa could actually see them.

7. Snowflakes

Snowflakes are enchanting Christmas symbols. The good think about them is that, each piece is unique and will look great wherever you place them. You can hang them randomly all over your house, hang some by the window, and of course add some on the giant Christmas tree.

8. Christmas Bells

Bells are another important Christmas symbols. Most hanging bells are made of carton, with glitter sparkles. Others are made from light metals such as tins. You can choose from a wide range of sizes when it comes to Christmas bells. There are even ones that are equipped with light bulbs for a more festive effect.

9. Christmas Lights

One of the most versatile Christmas decors you can hang everywhere are Christmas lights. These come in many shapes and colours, so you have plenty to choose from. Classic warm yellow tinged lights can be used all year round as well, while the more colourful ones will definitely add a flash of brightness and sparkle to your home.

10. Holiday Sparkly Stars

If there's an ultimate Christmas symbol that is universally appealing and timeless, it would be the star. Stars can be placed on top of a Christmas tree or can be hanged on a garland or tinsel. Stars can in many forms and shapes. There are solid metallic ones, glittery types, and colourful types. They also come in the form of lanterns---big and small.

The holiday season is the perfect time to decorate your home using eye-catching ornaments that are manageable and simple to use. These hanged Christmas decors will definitely make your home even readier for Christmas. Don't limit yourself to one type of decorations. During Christmas, the more, the merrier. 


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