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Code: XM231083
Colour: Blue with White & Red
Size: 38cm x 29cm (Calendar)
More: 3 Piece Set

  • Are you naughty or nice? Santa's Naughty or Nice chart
  • A fun & entertaining reward kit to help children know they are behaving good for Saint Nick & get all the goodies on Christmas day
  • Including a 24 day calendar & stickers to mark each day you have been nice - and prove to your parents & Santa you are good... most of the time
  • For every day you are good, use a Santa sticker & for the not so good days, use an Elf sticker
  • Kit includes:
    • - Reward calendar chart with 24 day squares
    • - 20 Santa face sticker sheet for nice
    • - 20 Elf face sticker sheet for naughty
  • Remember to add your name! so your always naughty brother or sister can't add theirs & take all of your good work!
  • Sky blue calendar chart with red border decorated with cartoon Santa & Reindeer with stars & snowflakes scattered throughout
  • Use the characters within the day squares to shorten the focus, 24 days is so long away
  • Featured characters include Gingerbread man on the 1st, Elf on the 4th, Snowman on the 8th, Penguin on the 11th, red nose Reindeer on the 19th & Santa on the 22nd
  • Dimension calendar 38cm x 29cm
  • Cute Christmas decor will bring festive cheer to any room
  • Product shipping measurement:39cm x 50mm x 36cm x 50g
  • Sold as a complete kit

    This chart inspires good behaviour in children as they eagerly await Santa's arrival on Christmas. It's the perfect way to ask the age-old question: Are you naughty or nice? This entertaining reward kit includes a 24-day calendar, accompanied by a set of stickers to mark each day, thereby offering a tangible way for children to demonstrate their well-behaved nature to both their parents and Santa.

    This cute Christmas decor is visually appealing, and adds an extra layer of excitement to your holiday preparations, turning good behaviour into a joyful holiday game. The calendar features a sky blue backdrop with a charming red border, adorned with delightful depictions of cartoon Santa and his trusty Reindeer, as well as stars and snowflakes scattered throughout. To make the countdown to Christmas more engaging, each square on the calendar showcases different characters to keep the kids excited. You can easily hang it on your fridge or in any prominent location where your children can be reminded that Santa is watching their behaviour this season.