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Code: PICK2307
Colour: Strawberry Pink & Purple with Gold, Red & Green
Size: 52cm x 34cm x 13cm
More: Each

  • Butterfly look Christmas critter pick
  • Wings gradated from strawberry pink to purple glitter & decorated with champagne ball edging & gold swirl pattern
  • Further decorations on wing ends includes various sized pink, red, purple & green simulants & shiny gold balls
  • Gradated from purple to light purple glitter abdomen decorated with gold prism reflective & purple sequins
  • Flexible purple glitter antennae pair include iridescent glitter
  • Dimension 52cm x 34cm x 13cm (spruced with clip on 10cm stem)
  • Includes alligator clip for easy attachment
  • Great for decorating Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, centerpieces, bouquets & floral arrangements
  • Simply unpack & spruce
  • It is normal for glitter & bead decorated products to lose excess glitter & beads, especially with initial unpacking
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Product shipping measurement: 23cm x 30mm x 29cm x 100g
  • Sold individually

    This charming Christmas decoration features a butterfly motif. Its wings are beautifully graduated, transitioning from strawberry pink to purple glitter and adorned with champagne ball edging and a gold swirl pattern. The abdomen is decorated with gold prism reflective accents and purple sequins, adding to its elegance. The butterfly also boasts flexible purple glitter antennae with an iridescent glitter finish.

    Butterflies are renowned for their beauty and symbolism, representing new life and the arrival of spring. The "Purple To Pink Glitz & Glamour Bejeweled Butterfly Christmas Critter Pick" embodies the grace and sophistication associated with these creatures, making it a captivating addition to your holiday decor. It can serve as an elegant centrepiece on Christmas trees, wreaths, or garlands and can make a bold statement when combined with fresh flowers or faux floral arrangements. Whether displayed indoors or outdoors, it adds a touch of sophistication and charm to your holiday decorations, making it a standout piece for your Christmas celebrations.