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Code: LITECL18
Colour: Multi Colour & Warm White with White Wire Casing
Size: 2.5m x 2m
More: 125 Bulbs

  • Firecracker cluster curtain string fairy Christmas light with dual multi colour & warm white LEDs
  • Light settings include multi colour, warm white & multi colour with warm white
  • Multi colour LEDs include red, blue, orange, & green
  • 1125 concave bulbs
  • Bulb spacing varies between 10mm & 40mm
  • 9 firecracker curtain strand drops
  • Drop spacing 25cm
  • Each strand drop has 12 dual colour cluster LEDs
  • Light length 2.5m x 2m with 5m lead
  • White wire casing
  • Includes memory hold function control box with 12 special effects
  • Effects include single or dual bulb: Running, Chasing, Chasing & opening, Mixed chasing, Mixed running, Opening & closing, Fill & chase, Chase & fill, Fast flowing, Slow flowing, Sparking & Static
  • Mains power operated with low voltage transformer - Output: 31V 387ma 12W
  • Suitable for outdoor & indoor use
  • Outdoor use requires IP44 transformer to be secure from any effects of weather
  • Product complies with Australian safety & performance requirements: SAA-180782-EA
  • Sold as a light string with 1125 bulbs

    Our curtain string fairy light is an excellent way to create a magical atmosphere and turn your home into a full Christmas fairytale. This enchanting light set combines dual multi-colour and warm white LEDs to create a mesmerising visual display. With its 1125 concave bulbs, this light curtain is a showstopper, capable of transforming any space into a radiant wonderland.

    Offering a variety of captivating light settings to suit your mood and event. You can effortlessly switch between multi-colour, warm white, and a dynamic combination of both multi-colour with warm white. This multi-colour LED features a vivid palette of red, blue, orange, and green, casting a vibrant and festive glow. Whether you want to capture the joyous spirit of Christmas or create the perfect ambience for Valentine's Day celebrations, weddings, window displays, and holiday shows, a light curtain has you covered? The best part is how its white wire casing seamlessly blends with any background, ensuring it complements your decor. Illuminate your world with this dazzling curtain of lights and create unforgettable memories during Christmas.