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Code: XM217123
Colour: Opaque
Size: 50 Pack
More: 50 Pack

  • Christmas light gutter clips
  • Great for hanging lights on the house guttering
  • Works with many different types of light strands including fairy string, curtain & icicle lights
  • Securely holds each bulb in place
  • Simple, easy & quick to use, no extra hand tools required
  • Can be reused over & over again
  • Dimension each clip 20mm x 4mm x 50mm
  • Suitable for outdoor & indoor use
  • Product shipping measurement: 13cm x 12cm x 35mm x 50g
  • Sold as a pack of 50

    Keep your Christmas light intact as you securely attach it to your gutters with these strong opaque clips. Everyone loves a beautiful display of Christmas lights on their roof to light up their exterior with a colourful display to spread cheer around your community.

    Here's a versatile solution that'll keep your Christmas light in place without having any loose ends. Create a neat and smart Christmas light arrangement in your interior and exterior. These strong and durable gutter clips keep your Christmas lights intact under any weather condition. What's more, these ornamental pieces are easy to use and require no extra hand tools like guns, hammers, or hot glue. For fast, easy, and effortless Christmas light installation, use these functional pieces. Perfect for keeping light lines aligned and bulbs perfectly straight on gutters and shingles. The best part, these accessories are reusable, you can keep them safe till the next time you need them. Made from authentic plastic material, these cutter clips can withdraw any weather condition.