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Code: LITEPT19
Colour: Multi Colour in White
Size: up to 8.8m x 50cm
More: 10 Stakes

  • Meteor shower garden stake light set illuminating a rainbow of colours with digital LEDs
  • Rainbow colours include red, green, blue, cool white, pink white, grass green, sky blue, yellow, rose red, dark green, water blue & purple
  • Each 1.7cm wide milky white tube illuminated with 15 LED bulbs
  • Total 180 digital LED bulbs across all 12 stakes
  • Bulb spacing 33mm
  • Dimension up to 8.8m x 50cm with 5m lead
  • Tube height is 63cm including stake
  • Up to 80cm spacing between stakes
  • Clear wire lead casing
  • Includes digital control box with 33 memory hold special effects & off
  • Effects include: auto cycle, 12 x static single colour, 6 colors jump, 6 colours breathe, gradient colour, blue-white flash, color rotation in 2 colours red & white, red colour rotation, 6 colours chasing, auto stacking, chasing, multi colour spiral, water, swarm, smoky, color movement, spiral, beating, wave, sequential, 6 colour gradient & auto stacking from top to bottom
  • Mains power operated with low voltage transformer:
    • Input - 220-240V~50/60Hz 0.30A
    • Output - 5V 10W
  • Suitable for outdoor & indoor use
  • Outdoor use requires IP44 transformer to be secure from any effects of weather
  • Product complies with Australian safety & performance requirements
  • Transformer Australian approval number: SGS-211018-EA
  • Sold as a set of 12

    These garden stake lights create a stunning visual display with a dazzling array of colours produced by digital LEDs. Whether your home has a traditional, modern, or eclectic design, these enchanting lights will add a festive touch that seamlessly blends with your existing decor.

    Our Multi Colour Meteor Shower LED Christmas Garden Tube Path Lights offers a combination of festive design, versatile placement options, stunning illumination, and a variety of special lighting effects that create a magical and enchanting atmosphere for the holiday season. The lights are capable of producing a dazzling array of colours, and the wide spectrum of colours allows for creative and dynamic lighting displays. With such a wide variety of lighting effects to choose from, you can customise the ambience to suit your preferences and create a magical atmosphere in your garden or during the holiday season. These meteor shower garden lights are sure to captivate and delight anyone who sees them, making them a fantastic addition to your outdoor decor.