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Code: DECR5159
Colour: Silver
Size: 80mm x 80mm x 80mm
More: 4 Pack

A nifty 4 pack of 80mm baubles in the most easy to use colour in the Christmas range - silver! These are matte with a sparkling set of silver glitter rings. Get decorating!

  • Sphere shaped hanging Christmas tree decorations
  • Pack of 4 baubles include:
    • - 4 x silver matte with a thick shiny centre band decorated with thin silver glitter stripes & white flecks
  • Each bauble includes silver cap & hang string
  • Dimension 80mm x 80mm x 80mm (each bauble)
  • Christmas baubles are shatterproof design, perfect for any Christmas environment
  • It is normal for glitter decorated products to lose excess glitter, especially with initial unpacking & decorating
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Product shipping measurement: 12cm x 12cm x 18cm x 100g
  • Sold as a bulk pack of 4

    Luminous with a silver coloured shine, the Silver Matte Baubles With Thick Shiny & Thin Glittered Stripes is a beautiful bauble you would be right in choosing as part of your Christmas tree decoration this coming Xmas. The bauble boasts of a matte silver colour which is further enhanced by silver coloured glitters in intricate patterns of horizontal stripes reminiscent of certain planets with rings around them.

    Imbue your Xmas decorations with the decorative look of cosmically inspired baubles when you buy this glossy Silver Matte Baubles With Thick Shiny & Thin Glittered Stripes. This bauble is capable of adding subtle cosmic definition to your Christmas decoration due to its Saturn inspired ornamental look. Saturn is an astronomically famous planet for its surrounding large rings. Like Saturn, this bauble is also fashioned in a spherical shape and has silver coloured rings surrounding its silver glossed body through the use of silver glittered stripes which criss-cross at certain points. Finishing the image is that of an earthly look of white freckled frosts symbolising the winter of Christmas. All it takes is a click, buy it now.