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Code: XMTY2301
Colour: Dark & Light Brown with Pink & White
Size: Suit children with 50-64cm waist / hips

  • Adorable 2 piece Christmas Reindeer costume for the little ones
  • Sold as a set which includes:
    • - dark brown headband with ears & antlers decorated with dark brown, light brown & pink satin flowers
    • - mesh fabric brown tutu decorated with white dots & dark brown satin ribbon bow & waist band
  • Suitable for children with 50-64cm waist / hips (use as a guide only)
  • Help your little people look the Christmas part as one of Santa's little helpers!
  • Product shipping measurement: 23cm x 30mm x 26cm x 100g
  • Sold as a 2 piece set

    Introducing the Adorable 2-piece Christmas Reindeer costume that captures the enchanting and warm spirit of Christmas. This charming set is perfect for adding a touch of holiday magic to your child's celebrations.

    This costume features a mesh fabric brown tutu that's beautifully decorated with white dots and a dark brown satin ribbon bow and waistband. The tutu is made up of layers of tulle in brown, adding a whimsical and festive touch to the ensemble. The fluffy tutu skirt is not only ideal for Christmas but also for animal-themed birthdays, photo props, and special occasions. It's a versatile costume that will make your little one stand out at any holiday event. Its dark brown headband is adorned with ears and antlers. These antlers are decorated with satin flowers, giving it a playful and festive look. The deer headband perfectly matches the tutu skirt, creating a super cute look for your little princess. This costume allows your little princess to embrace the Christmas spirit as one of Santa's little helpers.