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Code: XM228129
Colour: Red & White
Size: 35cm x 40mm x 1.1m

  • Candy cane shape display ornament
  • Metallic red & white tinsel 3D candy cane
  • Ornament includes alternating shiny red & white stripes
  • Each stripe made from multiple 20mm long x 5mm wide tinsel strands
  • Dimension 35cm x 40mm x 1.1m
  • Tinsel strands angle in all directions glistening & sparkling with light direction
  • Includes solid inner conduit tubing
  • Simply unpack with some assembly required
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • It is normal for tinsel decorations to lose excess tinsel, especially with initial unpacking
  • Product shipping measurement: 31cm x 30cm x 37cm x 300g
  • Sold individually

    The Red & White Stripe Tinsel Candy Cane Stick Christmas Display Decoration is a lovely Christmas candy shaped ornament that is inexpensive but would add a grand decorative statement to every spatial setting be it working spaces or living environment. This candy cane shaped ornament is beautifully covered in shiny tinsel the colour of which is white and metallic red in alternating pattern so as to produce a lovely decorative appeal.

    Made in a vertically inclined dimension that measures 35 centimetres in length, 40 millimetres in width and stand at a whopping 1.1 metres in height, the Red & White Stripe Tinsel Candy Cane Stick Christmas Display Decoration is purposely designed to brighten the overall décor every spatial setting where it is incorporated. It is made in a striped pattern using two Christmas traditional colours such that the tinsel decoration is hued in metallic shiny red and pristine white. The tinsels are attached to a solid conduit tubing. Please note that it is normal for this candy cane to lose excess tinsel strands especially when being unpacked.