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Code: XMTY2228
Colour: Red with White & Black
Size: 30cm x 25cm x 63cm

  • Interactive Playmobil XXL Santa
  • Father Christmas dressed in his traditional red Christmas suit
  • Suit includes white trim & buttons with black boots & belt with gold buckle
  • Arms, legs & head are movable encouraging learning through interactive play:
    • - Arms move up & done
    • - Hands rotate 360 degrees
    • - Legs move at hip for sitting or standing
    • - Head moves side to side
    • - Beard swivels up & down
  • Dimension 30cm x 25cm x 63cm
  • Suitable for outdoor & indoor use
  • Recommended for ages from 4 years to 15 years
  • Product shipping measurement: 41cm x 26cm x 69cm x 4kg
  • Sold individually

    Let your kids have fun playing with Santa. Featuring an interactive Christmas Toy inspired by Santa to bring delight to your home. Your children get to update their toy collection and keep Santa close all year long.

    A stunning Santa Claus ornament to add to your living space, let this piece bring in some holiday cheer. What makes this piece unique is its interactive feature. This cute piece has movable arms, legs, and heads that encourage fun activities. Kids can make Santa Claus do just about anything during their playtime. That's not all, this piece can be displayed as a rustic charm in your interior. What makes this piece most unique is its multipurpose and Interactive features. Display the Playmobil XXL Santa Claus Interactive Christmas Toy to spruce up your space while breathing an air of friendliness and warmth. Use this Christmas Toy to add a spark of interest and whimsy to your children's room.