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Code: PICK2020
Colour: Pink
Size: 28cm x 28cmm x 80mm
More: Each

  • Poinsettia look Christmas floral pick
  • Pink flower with two styles of petals
  • Petal styles include:
    • - Gloss with gold glitter edges
    • - Flat with gold glitter edges & textured netted veins
  • Stamen buds glittered gold
  • Wired leaves for simple flowering
  • Alligator clip for easy attachment
  • Dimension up to 28cm x 28cmm x 80mm (spruced)
  • Great for decorating Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, centerpieces, bouquets & floral arrangements
  • Simply unpack & spruce
  • It is normal for glitter decorated products to lose excess glitter, especially with initial unpacking & decorating
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Product shipping measurement: 25cm x 40mm x 25cm x 10g
  • Sold individually

    Like its product code 'PICK2020' why not pick this Pink Shiny & Matte Poinsettia Pick With Gold Glitter Edge Leaves for your Xmas decorations? You will absolutely love the radiant look and come back to The Christmas Warehouse for more Christmas and decorative items even if this is your first time of patronising us.

    Sporting a cool, matte colour, this Pink Shiny & Matte Poinsettia Pick With Gold Glitter Edge Leaves wishes to endow your Christmas decor with a touch of soft glowing charm. Why go fiery and flashy when even greater decorative effect can be achieved by a cool, dimmed matte ornament? This is one of the decorative purposes of this poinsettia fabric pick. Christmas lights, baubles, and most other Christmas decor items, are probably bright and sharp; this pink pick however gives a little bit of matte contrast for the perfect visual enjoyment. As a result, its use on Christmas tree along with other Xmas tree decorations which you can as well buy from our wide range of decor stock would produce the perfect Christmas environment.