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Code: OUDRBA72
Colour: Red with Green, White,Black & Gold
Size: 40cm x 14cm x up to 1m

  • Outdoor Santa Christmas display
  • Cute padded hanging nylon Santa with parachute
  • Saint Nicholas is wearing his traditional red Santa suit with white trim, green gloves, black boots, red Santa hat & black belt with gold buckle
  • The trim on jacket, pants & hat including pom pom are soft & plush
  • Parachute alternates with red & green canopy panels with silver inner ribs & white capped tips
  • This new mode of delivering presents requires a new style gift sack, Santa has on his back his new backsack!
  • Dimension 40cm x 14cm x up to 1m (Santa only height 55cm)
  • Father Christmas is designed for outdoors & looks great on the exterior of any building, home or business!
  • Suitable for outdoor & indoor use
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • For prolonged enjoyment, refrain from outdoor use during adverse weather conditions
  • Product shipping measurement: 26cm x 23cm x 20cm x 500g
  • Sold individually

    Add just the right amount of fancy and cheer to your holiday decor with Padded Parachuting Santa With Backpack Outdoor Hanging Decoration. Saint Nicholas is adorned with a red Santa suit with white trim. To add more interest and character to this collection, the fairytale Father Christmas is accompanied by a parachute and a backpack filled with goodies. Not to mention, its unique material makes it stand out from other Christmas decor.

    Adding the perfect festive charm to your space during the holiday season is entirely up to you, but how about you transform your outdoor decoration to a whole new level with a nylon Christmas collection? Padded Parachuting Santa With Backpack Outdoor Hanging Decoration is fitting for creating an ambient Christmas atmosphere and setting the mood for festivities. To spread joy and Christmas jingles to the neighbourhood, carefully position it on your lawn or let it dangle freely on your front porch. Similarly, you can make your hallway homier with this padded Santa.