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Code: OUDRS263
Colour: Red, Green, Blue & Orange on White
Size: 48cm x 48cm x 50cm (with 10cm hook)
More: 240 Bulbs

  • Illuminated LED hanging white sphere shape cage Christmas light motif
  • Sphere has 20 thin vertical free-moving white metal bars running from top to bottom
  • Outdoor Christmas light includes 240 LED concave bulbs on white string light wire casing
  • Each vertical metal bar illuminated with 12 vibrant coloured bulbs
  • LED vibrant colours include red, blue, orange & green
  • Bulb spacing 50mm to 60mm
  • Dimension 48cm x 48cm x 60cm (including 10cm hook) with 5m lead
  • White lead wire casing
  • Light display features button controller on transformer for 7 sequences & static
  • Sequences include combination, in waves, sequential, slow glow, chasing / flash, slow fade, & twinkle / flash
  • Mounted frame with large open hook loop for easy hanging & display
  • Some assembly required
  • 3D frame simple to assemble for yearly use & disassemble for compact storage
  • Mains power operated with low voltage transformer:
    • Input - 220-240V~50/60Hz 0.12A
    • Output - 31V 6W
  • Suitable for outdoor & indoor use
  • Outdoor use requires IP20 transformer used indoors only
  • Product complies with Australian safety & performance requirements
  • Transformer Australian Approval Number: SGS-210852-EA
  • Sold individually

    Introducing a white sphere with a 3D cage-like structure composed of thin vertical metal bars that run from top to bottom, creating an intricate and visually appealing design. The best part is how the vertical metal bars are illuminated with vibrant coloured bulbs to create a colourful lighting effect.

    Our hanging sphere string light display can transform any space into a magical and festive wonderland. Its neon and vibrant colours can also breathe an eclectic trend into your interior decor. When illuminated, these lights create a mesmerising cluster of light points that twinkle and dance, resembling a celestial fireworks display. This enchanting effect adds a touch of magic to both your indoor and outdoor decor. This display comes with a mounted frame and a large hook loop, making it effortless to hang whether it's in your garden, on a porch, or indoors. You can fill the hollow interior of the light ball with ribbons, bows, or other decorative items to customise the scene to your liking.