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Code: DECRH989
Colour: Iridescent
Size: 10cm x 30mm x 11cm
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  • Snowflake shape hanging decoration
  • Radiating dendrite looking iridescent snowflake refracting light giving different colours from clear base
  • Double-sided flake has 5 layers decreasing in size out from centre giving 3D effect
  • Iridescence combines light waves to increase colour vibrancy & gives the appearance of changing colours based on the angle of view or light direction
  • Dimension 10cm x 30mm x 11cm
  • Attached silver string for easy hanging
  • Compliment your Christmas tree theme with individual hanging decorations & Christmas hanging ornaments
  • This product is hand made & may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Product shipping measurement: 11cm x 30mm x 11cm x 10g
  • Sold individually

    Iridescent 3D Radiating Dendrite Snowflake Tree Hanging Decoration is a testament to the beauty and wonder of winter. Its charming design captures the essence of a natural snowflake with brilliant layering that creates a remarkable three-dimensional effect adding depth to the ornament.

    This snowflake decoration features a clear, crystalline base that serves as the canvas for a mesmerising play of light and colour. It mimics a snowflake, but with intricate dendrite-like patterns radiating from the centre, adding to its naturalistic charm. Iridescent 3D Radiating Dendrite Snowflake Tree Hanging Decoration is double-sided so you can enjoy the same level of detail and iridescence from both sides. This snowflake is just the finishing touch your Christmas tree needs. Use it to dress up the front door, or add a festive garnish to your mailbox. Whether it's adorning a Christmas tree, hanging in a window, or gracing any other space, it's sure to bring a touch of magic and vibrancy to any setting.