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Code: DECRH011
Colour: Blue, Black & Brown with Red & White
Size: 10cm x 35mm x 10cm

  • Superb Fairywren Christmas hanging ornament
  • Waatji Pulyeri as known by the Ngarrindjeri people & Deeydgun by the Guna people, has the distinct black & blue colours of the male songbird
  • Tiny little warbler includes a brown body with brown tridactyl feet, black eyes & beak
  • Features cute little red Christmas Santa hat with white trim & pom pom
  • Dimension 10cm x 35mm x 10cm
  • Attached black string for easy hanging
  • Handcrafted & made from natural products including Buri Palm fibre
  • Due to the natural materials used, ornament colours may not match the animals real life appearance exactly
  • These beautiful Australian native wildlife are perfect as ornaments, Secret Santa gifts or for expats abroad
  • Compliment your Christmas tree theme with individual hanging decorations & Christmas hanging ornaments
  • This product is hand made & may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Product shipping measurement: 10cm x 35mm x 10cm x 10g
  • Sold individually

    Inspired by the enchanting Blue Wren, this ornament pays homage to the natural wonders of Australia. Whether adorning your Christmas tree or serving as a delightful Secret Santa gift, it leaves a lasting impression on all who behold it. This exquisite ornament showcases the striking beauty of the male Blue Wren songbird, renowned for its distinctive black and blue plumage.

    Our hanging ornament features a tiny warbler with a charming brown body, complete with tridactyl feet that add a touch of authenticity. The bird's black eyes and beak capture the essence of this beloved Australian native wildlife. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this ornament has the power to infuse your holiday gatherings with a warm and joyful ambience. As you gather with your loved ones, the sight of this charming bird will evoke feelings of joy and anticipation, setting the perfect tone for a truly memorable holiday celebration. Let its elegance and charm fill your home with the spirit of Christmas, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.